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Just a Canadian girl who is a little obsessed with a little show called Castle.

Dragon Hunting -Robert Duncan

Season 5 Premiere

I’ll make a clip of the piano piece from ‘Significant Others’, but first the request from the previous post.

Should upload tomorrow.

*i just wish they didn’t take forever to transcribe*

Anonymous said: Hey there, I see that you've said you've been busy lately. I was just hoping that if/when you have time, maybe you could upload the score from After the Storm, where Beckett is running to find the senator and it has the montage going of her shooting and everything. I love that music! Thanks for all the Castle scores you've already given us!

Sure. When I can. I’ll do that segment.

Anonymous said: post/8415880366/castle-scores-by-robert-duncan isn't working anymore. I saw your megapost (yay!) but it seeeeems these ones are different again? if so, any chance of a reupload? Thanks!

I’ll try and look for it. I’m sure I still have the zip file.

Anonymous said: Hey, you do a great job of uploading all the Castle scores. I was wondering if you were planning on doing any more from this season? :)

Hi. Been barely on Tumblr as of late. Simply busy. If there is anything specific you want..

Music from ‘After The Storm’, #Castle Season 5 Premiere

policevest said: Are you going to be uploading the After the Storm scores? :D

As soon as I get a good DL. Have to transcribe etc etc.. In short, eventually.

Ainsley's Epic Tumbler: Nathan and Stana's Relationship Off-Screen


Look Castle/Stanathan folks, I don’t usually post but heres the deal, I will say the truth once and for all because I feel it need to be said - regarding Stana and Nathan gettin along.

Heres the deal, I know both of them personally from living in LA, and having friends who work on the show. They…

in-the-sodding-engine said: Hey your tumblr is amazing! ive been dying to hear all the Castle scores :) i can't click on any of your source links and get to your soundcloud page though :/

Hi. I will get that sorted out soon. Have you tried downloading from the megapost?

Hi. Thanks for sticking around. Been working on a major project.

I’ll fulfill the requests ASAP.